Fiddlehead Greens


About Fiddleheads 

Fiddleheads are found along fresh waterways in the Maritime Provinces, Quebec, Ontario and Eastern United States. They are thought to be a delicacy and have even been served to the Queen of England!

Tips & Tricks

Similar to apples or bananas, fiddleheads go through a natural oxidation process, once exposed to air the ends of the vegetable turns a dark green/brown color. Trim the discoloured ends off and they are ready to cook.

Wash, Prepare & Enjoy

Once picked NorCliff Farms Inc. ensures that the cleaning process is performed with care and precision. NorCliff Farms Inc. encourages consumers to wash all produce prior to preparation. It is recommended to boil fiddleheads (approximately 8 to 10 minutes, until tender) before consuming.

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