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Promise to the Consumer, Vendors and Suppliers.

NorCliff Farms Inc. understands the importance of health safety practices therefore promises to continue with following Good Manufacturing Practices Requirements.

We owe this to the Consumer, Vendors and Suppliers plus to ourselves setting high expectations!

Rules and regulations have been put in place for Management and employees.

Good Agriculture Practices, Good Hygienic Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP.

General GMP: Accountability: a trait NorCliff is proud of.  Being responsible and making any needed changes when called for. The question we continue to ask is, are the necessary food security controls implemented in the operation?

Pest Control, section 2.17.01 followed correctly.

Valuable daily check of cross contamination policy. Are storage areas and packing materials well contained? Does the process flow, facility layout, employee control, utensil control, internal vehicle use, etc. ensure that finished product is not contaminated? Questions that are always asked and written in the daily journal.

Employee practices: Training in place to teach and respect GHP such as washing and sanitization of hands before starting work. Are employees wearing effective hair restraints? Just a few to mention.

Equipment Cleaning-General Cleaning: Are food contact equipment surfaces clean? During cleaning are foods and packaging protected from contamination? Are all utensils, hoses and other items not being used stored clean in a manner to prevent contamination? Just a brief outline of some of the practices followed in cleaning.

Effective Traceability and Recall System in place. We can trace our produce consistently and efficiently from the point of origin to the point of consumption.

Transparency. We are committed to be the open book in sharing information on food safety issues. This ensures a strong relationship with our consumers, vendors, regulators,  and suppliers.

Warm Regards,

Nick Secord


NorCliff Farms Inc./Produits de nos Bois Inc.

888 Barrick Road

Port Colborne, On

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